Meet Fish Lake Campground Host, Bob

Welcome back, Bob!

Meet Bob, campground host for Fish Lake CampgroundWe’re excited to welcome back Bob as Campground Host for Fish Lake Campground during the 2018 season.

Bob joined us last July at Fish Lake and immediately fell in love with the campground and interacting with campers. His best friend, Princess, loves to camp with him, so make sure you say “hello” to this dynamic hosting duo on your next trip to Fish Lake.

Bob said he’s been camping since in diapers, when his parents moved their family from Massachusetts to Oklahoma then to California where they’d spend one month camping each summer, divided between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.  Bob’s dad was in the service at the time, during the 50s.

“The campgrounds had more bears than people back then,” said Bob. “With seven children–three girls and two sets of twin boys–we ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and had a blast those summers.”

Though he retired after working for 24 years in the California State Prison industry, Bob said working in the prison industry was a good career opportunity but that if he had to do it all over again, he’d probably be a campground host his entire life.

“I love to fish, kayak, be outdoors and love to travel. I’ve been all over the world but camping is in my heart,” reflected Bob.


After retiring, Bob became a ranch manager at Chimney Rock Ranch in Paso Robles where he performed a variety of tasks helping manage the 7,500-acre ranch. It was at the ranch while fixing a fence and cutting deadfall that he encountered two Border Collie-mixed pups that had been dumped on the property.  Bob fell in love with one of the pups, “Princess”, and found a good home for her sister.

“Princess is my partner in life,” said Bob. “She’s 12-and-a half-years-old now, and we’re still having adventures together.”


After six years on the ranch, he needed a change and moved to Washington where a chance meeting with a doctor–which he now attributes as “meant to be”–saved his life. Their conversation led the doctor to coax Bob into having an EKG and more tests, which resulted in Bob being told he was a walking dead man. After a life-saving heart surgery, Bob found himself on the operating table again three years ago, this time having a stint put in. During surgery, he ended up flat-lining twice before doctors induced a coma from which he fully recovered. “I’m a lucky man,” said Bob.

Bob got his first taste of camp hosting by literally landing at The Rogue Elk as a camper and was persuaded to stay on as a camp host. After that short stint, he eventually came to work at the Lake of the Woods Resort in various positions before joining Rogue Recreation at Fish Lake Campground last July.

“My daughter lives in the Medford area, so being here during the camping season lets me enjoy seeing her and my grandkids,” said Bob.

With his home base currently in Las Vegas, Bob spends most of his time camping in the desert during the winter, with Red Rock Canyon being one of his favorite destinations. In early May, he’ll return to Fish Lake where he thoroughly enjoys interacting with campers and keeping things clean and enjoyable. “The only negative comment I’ve ever received as a host was that I spent too much time cleaning the bathrooms,” he laughed.

Bob loves to cook and if you stop by his host site, you just might be lucky enough to be in time for his signature fudge and Kahlua that he likes to keep on hand for guests.