Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reserve a Camping Spot

Click on the campground name you desire below and this will take you to that campground on or call 1-877-444-6777.

You may reserve sites online at the following campgrounds (65% reservable/35% first come, first served):

Abbott Creek Campground – this campground is 100% first come, first served; no reservations required.
Doe Point Campground
Farewell Bend Campground
Fish Lake Campground
Fourbit Ford Campground
North Fork Campground
Union Creek Campground
Whiskey Springs Campground

Check In / Out

Check-In time is 3:00 p.m. and Check-Out time is 2:00 p.m. for all sites. Campsites may be occupied, if empty, before 3:00 p.m.


Rogue Recreation campgrounds can accommodate all types of vehicles and campers. Larger RV’s can be accommodated at Farewell Bend Campground, Fish Lake, and Doe Point. Farewell Bend can accommodate the largest RV’s, up to 40′. Tent site accommodations are readily available at all Rogue Recreation campgrounds.

Rogue Recreation is required to charge additional fees for extra vehicles at your campground. This does not apply to valid towing packages for campers, trailers, and RV’s. Questions? Talk with the Host.

Off Road Vehicles

There are numerous venues for OHV use at all Rogue Recreation campgrounds. If you are looking for a campsite where you are able to ride to a trail, check out sites 1-5 at Abbott Creek Campground and the Union Creek RV sites. Otherwise, you will have to trailer to a drop point.

RV Camp Spaces

Union Creek Campground has 3 full-service RV sites with 50 amp service. All these sites are reservable online at

Camp Hosts

Camp hosts are available in most of Rogue Recreation campgrounds. You will find that our hosts are particularly helpful, know their campgrounds and surrounding area, and will bend over backwards to assist campers. Our Camp Hosts are there for your safety, assistance, and to ensure your camping experience is a pleasant one.

Campfires & Cooking

Fire pits, above-ground charcoal pits and sturdy, well-cared-for picnic tables will be available for your use during your stay. You may use other camping stoves to prepare your outside food and beverages at your campsite. Firewood is for sale at all campground host sites.

Fires are permitted in designated fire rings with the guideline to keep the fire lower than the height of your knees. Click HCRD PUR for more information on campsite fires.

Safety & Courtesy

We know you will respect others while you are camping in our campgrounds. Please remember that all our campgrounds are family oriented. Being observant of all signs and traffic regulations in these Forest Service campgrounds is not only being safety conscious, but is courteous to our other campers.

Regarding drinking–be responsible and remember that your camping neighbors most likely are there with family and children. If you cannot be responsible, we will invite you to leave or ask local Forest Service and/or law enforcement to come visit you.

RV Pumping and Gray Water Depositories

There are no RV pumping facilities at Rogue Recreation campgrounds. However, for the safety of your families and other campers, most of our campgrounds have gray water depositories for your convenience. Please DO NOT DUMP BLACK WATER at these areas. Your Camp Hosts can advise you of nearby black water dumping areas.

Quiet Time

Please remember that quiet time at all our campgrounds is at 10:00 p.m. Please do not start generators until 7:00 a.m. Please feel free to advise the Camp Host if one of your camping neighbors are not adhering to these rules. Contact the Host if you have medical needs that require generator use outside these times.

Sanitation Services

All camping areas include toilet facilities and complimentary trash pickup. Flush Toilets, urinals, and sinks are available at all restroom facilities at Farewell Bend, Fish Lake and Doe Point Campgrounds. All other campgrounds have vault toilets.


Potable water is available at all Rogue Recreation campgrounds, except at Abbott Creek and Fourbit Ford, which are designated as remote. However, potable water is available at nearby Union Creek and Whisky Springs.


Ice is available at several locations near our campgrounds, at Union Creek Resort (Farewell Bend, Union Creek, and Abbott Creek campgrounds) and at Fish Lake Resort (Fish Lake, Doe Point, and North Fork campgrounds). Ice for Whiskey Springs and Fourbit Ford campgrounds may be bought at either Fish Lake Resort or Butte Falls.

Trash Pickup

Rogue Recreation has complimentary trash receptacles at all our campgrounds. Trash pickup is routinely made for each campground. Environmental and economic considerations require us to manage our trash pickup. Please consult your Camp Host regarding which receptacles to utilize during your stay.

Why are trash cans located so far from my campsite?

The trash can locations are a compromise between camper convenience and Southern Oregon Sanitation truck access. As space permits, we supply multiple groupings of trash cans. Some campers do not want to walk to a trash can, and, instead, use the vault toilets to dump trash bags down the hole. As you might imagine, these vault toilets are not designed for dinosaur-sized waste, which is probably about the same size as a filled up trash bag. The vault toilet tanks hold 1,000 gallons, and it is difficult to empty when there are trash bags in them clogging up the works. The pump truck operator has to stop pumping and “fish” the trash bags out. This stinky task increases costs due to the extra labor involved sorting the waste from the trash. Please do not inflict this task on a fellow human being.

Additionally, some campers try to burn all their trash, including items that do not burn, such as tin foil, cans, glass bottles, which increases the work of our campground hosts who have to handpick through these sooty messes to throw the debris away. Our wonderful Camp Hosts are already busy as beavers keeping the campground immaculate and well-supplied for campers and new arrivals. Please keep your fire pit clean of debris for the next campers.


Propane is available at Union Creek Resort and Fish Lake Resort. If you are coming through Medford, there are many locations that sell propane.


Pets are allowed on a leash in your campsite. Campers are expected to clean up after their pets. Animals are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be left inside vehicles (RV’s, trailers, and campers are fine if they are cool; please use your judgment). Generally, it is far too hot for animals in vehicles.

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