Meet Chase, Campground Host | Doe Point and North Fork Campgrounds

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Chase is from Rolla, Missouri, and is an avid outdoorsman and skilled carpenter.Chase, new campground host for Doe Point and North Fork campgrounds

When his girlfriend, Charleigh (pronounced Charlie), decided to get into travel nursing, their main obstacle was high living expenses given that most areas where Charleigh was recruited had high-cost housing. They recognized that Chase was unlikely to have consistent work if they were moving around a lot, so they devised a plan where Chase would work as a campground host nearby Charleigh’s nursing job and do handyman work in his spare time.

Chase and Charleigh's home town of Rolla in Missouri

Chase and Charleigh’s home town of Rolla, Missouri

They purchased an 18-foot travel trailer in Rolla and were on their way to a new lifestyle.

Chase landed his first job hosting from a concessionaire called Rocky Mountain Recreation who manages campgrounds in Colorado and California. For this company he’s worked in Colorado at a forest service campground called White Star in Twin Lakes, south of Leadville, that had 60+ primitive sites and also at a California county park in Valencia.

Chase and Charleigh will be heading to Oregon for the first time in May for the Rogue Recreation season. Though they’re going sight unseen, Chase has a brother in Portland and several others who know the area and gave him insights.

“The best part of camp hosting is seeing new things,” said Chase. “With the freedom to move seasonally, we never get bored.”

Chase and Charleigh both grew up in the small town of Rolla (pronounced raw lah) and knew of each other through Charleigh’s sister, then began dating soon after high school.

Chase, an avid backpacker, joins Rogue Recreation for the 2018 camping season as host at Doe Point and North Fork campgrounds.Chase got his love of the outdoors from a young age. He comes from a large family, and his grandfather helped keep the family together by parceling off lots from his 150 acres so the family could all live next to each other in the countryside.

Backpacking is at the top of Chase’s favorite outdoor activities. He and Charleigh love to hike and backpack. “We’re always going to the summit of any mountain we see,” said Chase. For hobbies, he plays his guitar and really enjoys carpentry work when he can get it.

Charleigh is an avid runner and enjoys training for marathons whenever she has the time. She’s passionate about her work as a labor nurse helping mothers deliver their babies.

For now the camp hosting lifestyle works exceptionally well for Chase and Charleigh. “We like to get up and go when we can,” said Chase. “That’s why we don’t have any pets right now.”

Chase says he enjoys chatting with campers when he gets the chance. “I’ve made some friends with people who return throughout the season.”

What’s at the top of his list while in Oregon?

“I want to climb Mt. Shasta, see Crater Lake, and summit Mt. McLaughlin. If there’s a mountain, I have to climb it,” he laughed.

When you’re camping at Doe Point or North Fork, make sure to say “Hello” to Chase. With his enthusiasm for backpacking, you’re sure to get a lot of great tips on trails!