Camp Details

All of our campgrounds are located in various locations on Highways 62 (Crater Lake Highway), Highway 140 (Lake of the Woods Highway), and Jackson County 821 (NF-37 Butte Falls-Fish Lake Road).

Gray water waste (NO BLACK WATER) can be disposed at Gray water boxes located throughoutFor gray water waste, no black water. Located in all 8 campgrounds. many of these campgrounds.

Click below to read more about each campground and reserve your spot online at 4 of our campgrounds (Farewell Bend, Union Creek, Fish Lake, and Doe Point Campgrounds) which are partially reservable (60%-75%) through 1-877-444-6777.  All other sites are first come, first served.

Local Ranger Stations:

Prospect Ranger Station  (541)560-3400
Butte Falls Ranger Station  (541)865-2700